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FWS Rental weapon racking

We hold stocks of weapon racks available to hire, enabling instant storage of all types of police, military or security force weapons, MP5s, G36, Tasers, Handguns, Launchers, etc. for a temporary period without the need for capital outlay.

We offer storage on open, Expandable Weapon Racks or locking Stackable Weapon Racks. Our large number of weapon storage System Components give huge flexibility to any configuration that may be required.

Examples of storage configuration available for hire include:

  • M4 or SA80 with magazines
  • G36 with Glock and Taser – stored as a set
  • C8 with second upper
  • AI 7.62 or 0.50” secured

For conferences, summits and large sporting events this is a particularly useful service. When a large number of weapons will need to be deployed away from their usual bases (for example during the NATO Summit in Cardiff in 2014) we can provide the weapon storage equipment required.
FWS Rental weapon racking can be quickly deployed for special event hire.

The numbers of armed personnel during such periods is likely to be many times greater than during routine operations and often, suitable facilities are not readily available for proper storage and management of the weapons.

Weapon Racking can be supplied fitted to ISO containers or temporarily installed in buildings for the duration of the event whichever is more convenient.

FWS can also plan the layout of available spaces using 3D CAD, and provide ancillary equipment such as unloading tubes, issuing counters, benches etc.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Mobility within the secure environment

The Weapons Storage Cabinet is supplied with a castor base enabling the Secure Cabinet to be effortlessly moved around a building with a secure perimeter.

Weapons Cart

The weapons cart enables military and police users to easily move weapons to and from or within the armoury or evidence storage vault. The cart is double sided with 10 wide weapon positions on each side. As with the rest of storage system, the cart will easily handle both weapons all of one type or a mixture of types depending on requirements. The cart can also be used with Handgun Packs. The barrel and stock saddles can be instantly repositioned to cater for different load types.

Utilising the standard system components, the weapons cart can be immediately adapted to carry a wide variety of firearms. The rack shown illustrates the unit’s flexibility – loaded with weapons with different lengths and a variety of accessories including: US Machine Gun M60 with bipod, Parker-Hale C3 Sniper with bipod, SA-80, Heckler & Kock G36 (with grip and scope attached), Remington 870 shotgun and M16 Assault rifle.

This weapons cart is made from heavy gauge steel and has rubber tyre bearing castors making it easy to move using the welded steel handles

Mobile Security Ops Box

This unique mobile security case is tested and approved by Sold Secure (UK Police and MLA’s product testing body) and is annually re-tested in the Master Locksmith Association’s laboratories to maintain certification.

The Mobile Security Ops Box provides instant and effective security in the field for police and others dealing with incidents. It can be immediately and immovably locked to the interior (or exterior) of any vehicle – or to other immovable objects. It will secure valuable or dangerous items very quickly and reliably. No special fittings, tools or drilling etc. is required.

It is large enough to provide immediate secure storage for many important items such as handguns, ammunition, radios, laptop computer, PDA, handheld devices and evidence storage. Non-standard sizes are available.

The Mobile Security Ops Box is made from 4mm thick aluminium armour plate material so is light in weight (8.5 kg). Hardened steel plates are fitted internally to prevent punching or drilling the high security 7-lever deadlock.

It can be easily lifted and moved between locations and is secured to vehicles or solid objects using a case-hardened and through-hardened security chain to prevent cropping or sawing.

Ops Box internal dimensions: L450mm x D130mm x H360mm

Other Products from FWS Europe


Expandable Weapons Rack

Whatever operational requirements may dictate, users can configure their weapons storage to match – seamlessly and efficiently.

Stackable Weapons Rack

Internal layout can be quickly altered to meet police operational requirements and the stacking units themselves can quickly be broken down and repositioned as required.

Weapon Storage Cabinet

Flexible, versatile – instantly reconfigurable secure weapons storage, this Secure Weapons Cabinet is quite simply the most flexible and versatile storage cabinet for weapons ever produced.

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