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Home – The ultimate in secure storage systems for use within the police and military forces with a range of evidence and weapon storage cabinets and racks and arms transportation solutions.

Secure Weapons Cabinet – Securely store any size and amount of rifles, shotguns, handguns and ammunition along with evidence in this instantly reconfigurable steel weapon storage cabinet.

Stackable Weapons Rack – Interchangeable modular components provide a fixed or mobile stackable secure weapons rack that can be used to store all but the largest arms.

Expandable Weapons Racks – A simple yet efficient security system for high-density weapon storage within a police or military armoury and easily reconfigured to accommodate all types of small arms.

Secure Evidence Storage Cabinets – The ultimate solution to secure storage of evidence with configuration options designed to suit any police or military operational requirements.

Weapons & Equipment Storage Locker –Perfect for sniper teams or special forces units, our newly design Weapons and Equipment Storage Locker is perfect for securing sets of equipment bags, ballistic vests & plates, clothing and ancillary items.

Secure Weapons Components – High density secure storage of weapons can be achieved using our fully adjustable components as part of your police or military armoury storage system.

Mobile and static Armoury storage system – CAD design for mobile and static military and police armoury storage, rack system for firearms, evidence, ammunition and associated equipment.

M2 Rack – For mobility and secure weapon storage of firearms like the Browning machine gun.

Summit, Conference & Event Weapon Storage Rental – FWS Rental weapon racking can be quickly deployed for special event hire.

News – Latest news from FWS Europe.

Weapon Inventory Tags – For labelling guns and other types of weapons in armoury type storage situations.

Storage for Grenade Launchers – FWS provide storage solutions for many types of grenade launchers

Mobile Weapon Racks – High density storage racking for handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and other types of firearms.

Privacy – Legal information and details of our terms and conditions and privacy statements.

Contact Us – Details for contacting us for more information regarding our products and services.


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