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Grenade Launcher Storage Rack

We offer a highly convenient and flexible system for Grenade Launcher storage – easily used both inside the armoury and for mobile applications.

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher Storage Rack

FWS provides unique solutions for storage of these weapons – from small Under Barrel Grenade Launchers (UBGL) and other single-shot weapons such as the HK69, through to RPG-type GLs and automatic MGL / MSGL, GMG.
We offer a highly convenient and flexible system for Grenade Launcher storage – easily used both inside the armoury and for mobile applications.
Storage racks can be supplied dedicated for Grenade Launchers or integrated with storage of other equipment.
Our specialist drawing office team can assist with any weapon storage facility layout and space-planning issues using 3D CAD software.

Types of Grenade Launchers Covered

Specific storage is offered for:

  • M203 / AG36 / L17A1/A2
  • HK69 (L104A1)
  • RPG 7 – type launchers
  • SAAB-Bofors Dynamics AB Carl-Gustav M2 and M3 launchers
  • Milkor MGL 140 / Mk 32
  • Mk 19 Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • HK GMG
  • Contact us for weapons not listed here

Static or Mobile GL Storage

For static use, we offer grenade launcher storage on either open racking or inside lockable racks. Racks can be single sided for wall mounted or double sided for storage with aisles.

For use in the field, GL storage can be installed into land vehicles or mobile (container-based) armouries, aircraft and ships. Alternatively, storage racks can be mounted to specially designed fork-lift truck bases for easy-loading to transport aircraft and vehicles.

Open Racking or Lockable Racks

Grenade Launchers can be stored using specially designed components on open Expandable Weapons Racks or in locking Stackable Weapons Racks.

Highly flexible storage comes as standard – for instance, different types of Grenade Launchers can be stored together side by side. In addition, GLs can be stored right alongside other equipment such as assault rifles, pistols etc. when required.

We also supply storage boxes to fit onto the rack alongside stored GLs to house accessories and associated equipment. We also offer many other useful components to deal with virtually any weapon storage combination or requirement.

Mobility both inside the armoury and for transport is easy. Grenade Launcher racks can be placed onto Castor Wheel bases for easy movement around the armoury. Alternatively Deployable Bases can be used for fork lift trucks to load weapons directly onto transport.

Key Benefits

  • Safe, damage-free storage saves unnecessary maintenance
  • Space saving with high density storage
  • Easy inventory
  • Enables storage of Grenade Launchers alongside associated weapons and equipment
  • Flexible system – reconfigure at any time

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FWSEurope Clients Say...

"Your racking system is very versatile and is especially suitable for the myriad of different weapons we use."

Senior Estates Liaison Officer

"Thank you very much for an excellent service."

Head of MOD Armoury

"It was a pleasure to have such a professional installation carried out... I am also more than pleased with the product... Definitely a Five Star Rating from me."

Armoury WO2

"Thank you very much for an excellent service."

Head of MOD Armoury

"FWS Europe successfully won our recent tender for Weapons & Ammunition storage involving the supply and installation of equipment into 26 ISO Containers for use by deployed NATO forces. The company worked hard to meet our requirements and delivered a very satisfactory performance and we are happy to recommend them."

Dimcho DIMOV, Technical Officer CP Acquisition and Follow on Support Branch, NATO Support & Procurement Agency, L-8302 Capellen GD Luxembourg


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