Weapons Racking installed on Mobile Carriages

Providing the highest density weapon storage available.

Weapons Racking installed on Mobile Carriages

Our system offers the highest density storage available for all types of firearms – from pistols to machine guns and grenade launchers.
Mobile racking allows you to get even more from your existing armoury locations.

Double the storage capacity of your armoury

Imagine what happens when the highest density weapon storage system is mounted onto mobile carriages. All the space previously allocated to aisles and walkways is converted to storage – so the quantity of weapons which can be stored in any given area is doubled. For example, on a static rack we can store 206 pistols per linear metre – but that effectively increases to 412 weapons per linear metre when the racking is installed onto mobile carriages.

All our standard products can be fitted to our roller racking system to provide previously unattainably high levels of storage density for all types of firearms.

Mobile Racking works by eliminating all the space previously set aside to give access to static racking – that’s all the aisles and walkways. When racking can roll on rails, there is effectively only one aisle which is shared between all the racks as required.

The weapon racks are mounted on carriages and are simply rolled along to move the aisle into the required location. The carriages glide on low friction rails and are moved effortlessly using a handle mounted to each carriage. To access a weapon, simply go to the rack required and roll the carriage along. This opens up the aisle required and gently moves all the other carriages out of the way.

The system works as smoothly as silk, even for heavy weapons like machine guns and sniper rifles. Plus the equipment is built with an extreme safety margin for weight bearing limits. So even a rack full of 0.50 Calibre machine guns and barrels will move smoothly and easily.
A failsafe anti-tilt mechanism means that it is literally impossible for the carriages to tilt more than 3mm ensuring that weapons are secure on the rack at all times.

No more ‘dead space’

Mobile racking means the end of ‘dead space’ taken up by aisles (usually 50% of a storage area). The aisles and walkways are all turned into valuable storage space within the security of the armoury.

The space saved can be used for storing additional weapons. Alternatively, the extra room can be used to create an armoury workshop for firearms maintenance or provide secure storage of ammunition, pyrotechnics, explosives, CS gas, PAVA or other restricted items.

Eliminate the need to relocate expensive armoury facilities

Armouries are by their nature very expensive facilities, so getting more from existing locations can enable great cost savings as well as avoiding disruption to day to day firearms operations.

The cost of relocating an existing armoury which is full of weapons and equipment can be completely avoided by using our mobile racking system.

Easy to use

Our mobile system can be installed on any hard floor surface without causing any damage:

  • Use with any floor type
  • No damage to floor or coating
  • Extend or reduce size of the mobile racking as required
  • Lift and relocate the entire system to new location
  • A Push-to-Lock safety button on the handle immobilises the carriage to prevent accidental closure on other users.

The mobile racking carriages can also be supplied with enclosed ends so that when all carriages are rolled together a single enclosed ‘bloc’ is created which can be locked to prevent access to weapons by unauthorised personnel.


The FWS installation team travels to virtually any location around the world to carry out installations of weapon storage racking and mobile carriage systems. Their expertise enables quick and accurate installation with minimum disruption. Alternatively, FWS personnel can operate as project managers for your own staff on site.

Key Benefits

  • Double your storage capacity – get more from existing facilities
  • Create space in the secure area of the armoury to provide storage for ammunition, explosives and valuable equipment, or workspace for personnel
  • Avoid expensive relocations and the construction costs of new armoury or storage facilities

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