Heavy Machine Gun / M2 Weapon Rack

Heavy Machine Gun / M2 Weapon Rack

  • These Racks store the .50 inch calibre Browning-type machine gun and spare barrels in a secure upright position and permit easy transportation with a deployable base if required.

    The M2 weapon rack is constructed from tough structural steel sections to protect the firearms from rough handling during storage and transportation. Weighing 145 kg this weapons rack is substantially built to give many years of service in the field.

    Each rack has capacity to store 4 guns and 8 barrels.

    The M2 racks can be either bolted to wall or floor. They can also be stacked and bolted back to back, side to side or on top of one another. If required they can also be mounted on mobile carriages to provide even higher density storage.

    For police and military rapid deployment use – or ease of movement between locations – the M2 Weapon Rack can be supplied with an optional deployable base for use with fork trucks and pallet trucks. This enables easy loading to aircraft, trucks etc.

    The M2 Rack comes with a locking bar inserted through the centre of the machine gun for use with a security padlock – preventing unauthorised access or movement.

Key Benefits

  • Safe and secure storage of multiple machine guns and spare barrels in a single substantial rack
  • Modular construction permits stacking of racks to maximise the density of weapons storage in any facility
  • Option for rapid and easy deployment using special fork truck bases
  • Tough structural steel construction for many years of use in the field

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