Weapon Inventory

The Inventory Tag – eliminating doubt from inventory checks

The IWSP Inventory Tag enables instant and easy identification of the correct location of guns and other equipment. The tags can be used with Expandable Racking, Stackable Weapons Racks and Weapon Storage Cabinets.

This means that if an assault rifle (for example) is missing from the rack without authorisation the loss would be immediately discovered by the armoury team. In addition all details of the missing weapon would be readily available – shown on the Inventory Tag.

The weapon storage tags are made from durable plastic. They are both magnetic and also have a screw fixing hole. This means that for quick labelling, a tag can be given an ID number and immediately attached to the rack component holding the weapon using the magnet.

f the weapon is to be stored on the rack permanently, however, the tag can be screwed through into the patented universal back panel (using pre-punched holes) to identify each weapon without danger of the tag being accidentally dislodged.

The tags have blank white space for serial numbers, text or barcode to identify each weapon’s exact position on the rack.

Tags include screw and washer and are ready for immediate use.

  • Easily identify the correct location of all types of guns and weapons, less than lethal, magazines and all other equipment stored on the racking
  • Effortless and instant identification of any missing guns or ammunition
  • Tags accept printed or handwritten numbers and text (or barcodes can be supplied, see below)
  • Instant temporary labelling of new weapons’ location as they come into the armoury using the integral magnet – ideal for visitors’ weapons or seized firearms etc.
  • Permanent labelling of weapon location on the rack using screw fixing
  • Inventory tags include screw and washer – ready for immediate use

Bar Code Labelling

FWS can provide the bar code labelling for any weapon storage requirement. We can supply bar codes on stickers in various symbologies to suit user requirements or to fit in with existing systems and readers. Bar codes are usually supplied on rolls or can be supplied attached to the tags and ready to fix to the rack – saving the armourer’s time.

For special events please see our weapon racking rental page

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